Italy Casinos

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Italy is the land of romance, historical monuments that make the seven wonders of the world, like the tower of Pisa to the Vatican, which offers a spectacle of himself with famous paintings and sculptures. In Italy, there is much to offer that you want and again. However, the romance and history are not always the only attraction of Italy is another aspect of the tourists and citizens alike, is that the Italian casino attracts.

Most Italian cities have a particular casino if it is a tourist attraction and, frankly, that is not part of Italy is a tourist attraction? Italy is proud to celebrate its casinos open during the war and many of the crowded place during that time and reality and escape to luck. Of all the casinos (and is) the Venice Casino is the first source of the most famous and highest of all. Their success has opened another casino in Venice, but this time in Malta, to ensure first place in the future. Italian casinos are very different, and once such example is the casino in the city of Campione, the Italian border with Switzerland.

To access “The Casino of Campione d’Italia,” you have to cross the border by the Milan-Como motorway, the experience is worthwhile, the casino has its own rules, which are displayed at the entrance and you should read carefully. The good news is that, if Lady Luck smiles at everything you do, the game has everything you need to do, is a bank account in Switzerland. Most Italian casinos will open at about 14 pm and closed from 4 to 06.00 clock hours. The legal age for gambling and consumption of alcoholic beverages is 18, and will be for identification, it has been a recent photo, is the best thing to do, your license is not a passport. Most fluent Italian casinos due to the large number of tourists visiting this beautiful country every year. Here all casino games casinos most Italian international with international standards. Enjoy the diversity and passion for this country and who knows, in the land of saints and angels, lady luck may smile at his novel.